Vikram Thakor na Picture 2021: Top 100 Pictures of Vikram Thakor

Here we are talking about “Vikram Thakor na Picture “. Vikram Thakor is a well known artist of Gujarati industry. Vikram Thakor was born in Fatehgarh village in Gujarat state. He was born on April 1, 1993. Vikram Thakor is a good actor as well as a good actor. Vikram Thakor has worked in many pictures in Gujarati language. His pictures keep coming even in the present times. At that time, people preferred Vikram and Radha to watch on screen. Vikram Thakor also sings many legendary songs. He also does live programming.

Vikram Thakor na Picture
Vikram Thakor na Picture

Vikram Thakor Na Picture

Vikram Thakor’s best pictures include Ek Radha Ek Meera, Rakhewal, Patan Thi Pakistan, aek var piyune malva aavje, rajvadi chiye ame maan bher raiye, maa-baap na aashirvad, kon halave limbdi ane kon julave pipdi etc.

Vikram Thakor was born into a Koli family in Gujarat. Vikram Thakor is a native of Fatehpura village near Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Thakor started singing and playing the flute on stage at the age of ten with his father Meghaji Thakore, a folk singer and kirtan singer. Initially reluctant to enter the film industry, he once starred in Pew Ne Malav Aavje (2006), a commercial hit. He played a number of Gujarati films, mainly targeting rural audiences. Eight of his films have been successful on both office and office fees.

Thakor’s other successful films include Radha Tara Veena Gamtu Nathi (2007), Wagi Kalje Katari Tara Premni (2010), Premi Zukya Nathi Zukse Nahin (2011) and Rasiya Tari Radha Rokani Ran Maa (2014). Six of his films grossed ₹ 3 crore and in 2015 he was considered a superstar of Gujarati cinema in various media.

Vikram Thakor’s acting in all the pictures shown above is commendable. Vikram Thakor has also been awarded several awards for his excellent acting in pictures. He has received many Gujarati Iconic Film Awards.

Vikram Thakor New Picture

Vikram Thakor has not shot a picture for a long time now. The last thing we saw was Vikram Thakor’s “Keeper” picture. If there is any picture of Vikram Thakor, if it is a pair of Radha and Vikram, it works a lot.

Vikram Thakor Nu Picture

A picture was shot by Vikram Thakor a while back. The name of the picture was Family. Vikram Thakor’s acting in this picture was very commendable. Since then, Vikram Thakore has given all the superhit pictures on the film screen. He also records melodies and superhit songs. Which often breaks the record of millions of views on YouTube.


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