The Ultimate Guide to Download Upcoming PUBG New State On iPhone Mobile

If you’ve been invited by Crafton to check out the upcoming PUBG New State, here’s how to download this game and test it on your Android.

Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire are popular all over the world. Another popular title in India for a long time is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (or PUBG Mobile), until it was banned last year. But it hasn’t paid off much since Battlegrounds Mobile India (or BGMI) launched a local incarnation of the game earlier this year and has quickly amassed millions of downloads on the Play Store. While the original version of the game was linked to China, a successful sequel, also known as PUBG New State, is being developed by South Korean Krafton, the company that released BGMI. Now, it is about to launch a new app called PUBG New State. So, if you are a fan of PUBG, learn how to download the next PUBG New State on iPhone. Notably, PUBG New State is said to come with more game modes and better graphics than the original title released in 2017.

Krafton is not the first to work on a high-resolution version of his popular Battle Royale game. Earlier this year, Guerrero launched Free Fire Max, a high definition version of its popular Free Fire title that comes with improved graphics and animation. Now, Crafton is currently alpha testing PUBG New State with several players, and is being given phased access.

The Ultimate Guide to Download Upcoming PUBG New State On iPhone Mobile
The Ultimate Guide to Download Upcoming PUBG New State On iPhone Mobile

While there was a lot of speculation about whether Crafton would launch PUBG New State in the country, the company finally announced pre-registration for players in India in September. Players will be dropped off on an island, which is set for the future. The TROI map, set in 2051, will come with new challenges and gamers will have to make the best use of the terrain, interact with objects and use their best strategy to survive and win the round.

While gamers have already pre-registered for PUBG New State, some have been given access to the initial test. We have previously covered how to access the APK and OBB files for Android, while iOS users may have trouble getting the official version because the game is not on the store and ‘sideloading’ apps are not allowed on the iPhone. If you’ve been given access to Alpha Testing on iOS and you’re wondering how to download and play the game, here’s what you need to do, thanks for the solution seen through the RM update.

Step 1) Download the TestFlight app from the App Store. This allows users to download testing versions of apps that are not available on the App Store, or apps that are yet to be released.

Step 2) Open the Gmail, Outlook or Mail app on your iPhone, then search for the Tester Invitation email that was sent to you by Krafton.

Step 3) Click on the “View in Testflight” mode to open the entry in Testflight. Click on the relevant messages and then the Redeem option which will allow you to download the alpha version of the game.

Step 4) Once the game is downloaded, check the App Library or your home screen for the new icon to begin playing the game. Since it is in alpha testing, you should only be able to gain access while the testing window is open – these details are regularly shared on Krafton’s website.