Tamil Voice Typing App 2024

VoTyTam : Easy and useful Tamil Voice Typing App!

Our in-built voice recognition technology helps in converting your Tamil Voice into Text. Just click on ‘Mic’ button and talk in Tamil and our app will convert your Tamil Voice to Text! It’s that SIMPLE to do Tamil Voice Typing!!!

Tamil Voice Typing App

✓ Easily convert your Tamil Voice into Text and easily share the text to WhatsApp / Messenger / Twitter / Email / Any Other app

✓ You can type your text using your Tamil voice using in-built advanced voice recognition technology!

✓ You can also use the in-built speaker functionality to make the app read out the text which you have typed using our Tamil Voice Typing app.

Tamil Voice Typing App – Overview

App NameTamil Voice Typing
App Version15.0.0
Requires Android5.0 and up
Total Downloads50,000+ Downloads
App Offered ByHoneySha Voice Typing and Translation Apps

Features of Tamil Voice Typing App

✓ 1. Tamil Voice Typing / Tamil Voice Typing / Speech to Text in Tamil / Tamil Speech to Text
✓ 2. Share the converted text to other apps with single click
✓ 3. One click to sharing of output text to popular apps like WhatsApp / FB Messenger
✓ 4. Uses very less memory and it’s super fast!
✓ 5. Very easy and convenient to use

Tamil Voice Typing App – Usage Guide

1) I want to type using Tamil Voice, how to do it?
A) Click on ‘mic’ button below the ‘Tamil’ button and our Tamil Voice Typing app will listen to your voice and type the text in the top text box

2) I have the text typed in Tamil. Now, I want to copy the text. How do do it?
A) Once you have done Speech to Text Tamil Voice, you can click on ‘Copy’ button to copy the output text

3) I want to share the output text after I convert my Tamil voice to Text. How to do it?
A) It’s very easy to share the text after doing Tamil Voice to Text conversion. Click on WhatsApp button or FB Messenger for 1 click sharing or click on Share button to share the available converted text from Tamil Voice to other apps.

4) I see 2 mics available, what is the second mic for?
A) You are absolutely right on noticing a second mic in our Tamil Voice Typing app. The second mic help with an addition language other than Tamil, in this case English. So, apart from Tamil Voice Typing, you can also use for converting English Voice to Text.

Tamil Voice Typing App uses the below permissions

1. Storage access : This is for storing history of Tamil Voice Typing App
2. Audio record access : To listen to your voice when you click on the ‘mic’ button in our Tamil Voice Typing app

Thank you for using our Tamil Voice Typing app!

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