IPL 2022 Quiz

Welcome to your IPL 2022 Quiz

1. Who was the highest wicket-taker for India during the historic 1993 Prudential World Cup held in England?

2. Kapil Dev did not play for India during the World Cup tournament held in:

3. How many runs did India make in its historic World Cup win over West Indies in 1983?

4. How much did Sunil Gavaskar score for India in its very first World Cup match played against England in 1975?

5. Which cricketers have the record for the highest run partnership at the World Cup?

6. India's first win in a World Cup match was against?

7. Which cricketer has the best bowling average at the World Cup?

8. During the 'Wills World Cup' of 1996, India was eliminated at the stage of?

9. Which cricketer has made the highest individual score at the World Cup?

10. Which cricketer has the best economy rate at the World Cup?