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Now calculating your taxes becomes easier.

An online easy-to use calculator- to compute the payable for a month or quarter depending on the amount.

This utility calculator is now on your keyboard that makes you work even faster.

Download GST Calculator App

❖ GST Calculator is designed to calculate the:

➔ inclusive of GST
➔ exclusive of GST
➔ the tax value for a given amount
while allowing you to specify the tax percentage you want to use

The GST calculator tool is a combination of two calculators. It has a clean and simple user interface and a calculation roll.

This GST calculator is mainly designed for Indian GST rates and can be customized asper the need. Also, we have bifurcated the taxes as CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax) and SGST (State Goods and Service Tax).

Download GST Calculator App
Download GST Calculator App

We provide Separate buttons for the GST slabs that will help to reduce the time required to process the invoice.

Another point that signifies the feature of this App is:

➔ It helps to Verify GSTIN numbers all over India.
Type GSTIN number —–> check name, address, Date of Registration and many more details of the GSTIN/UIN holder.

➔ Using Filing status easily gets the details by monthly and Quarterly of
the GSTIN/UIN holder.

GST Calculator App Features:

➔ Set custom tax rate along with pre-provided 3%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%
➔ Allow changing between Inclusive and Exclusive with the touch of a button
➔ Pre-Define GST rates Short cuts for quicker Calculation.
➔ It enables users to determine the net or gross product price on GST rates ➔ It saves time by providing instant results.
➔ It lowers the risk of human error when calculating the cost of products and services.
➔ It is simple to use and helps you calculate GST in a hassle-free manner.
➔ All entered values and selections are saved in history for quick access next time use
➔ Works with large numbers.
➔ Share the calculation using double tap on history screen by Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and any other social media.

GST can be calculated by two simple steps:Step1: – Enter the detail

➔ Net price of goods & services
➔ Applicable GST rates such as 5%,12%,18% and 28%.

Step2 – Click on the compute button. The GST calculator will show the tax amount for different tax heads SGST, and CGST along with the gross/final price of services and goods to be billed.

➢ To add GST to the Base Amount,:

GST Amount= (Original Cost X GST %) /100

Net Price= Original Cost + GST Amount

➢ To remove GST from the Base Amount,:

GST Amount= Original Cost-(original cost X (100/(100+GST%)))
Net Price= Original cost-GST Amount

About This App: GST Calculator App

➔ Basic calculation like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
➔ Memory based calculation functionalities including M+, M-, MR and MC
➔ GT functionality to obtain grand total of all calculations
➔ MU (Mark-Up) and DIS (Discount) calculation functionalities
➔ Modulus and Square Root functionalities
➔ Saved all the calculation by time and date in history

❖ GST Verification and Filing status Features :

➔ Search a GSTIN by one click and check name address and many more details
➔ Check Date of Registration last update status of GSTIN holders
➔ Get the latest notifications and updates regarding GST rules
➔ Easily get searched GSTINs in Recent search
➔ Check GST filing status of GSTIN holder
➔ Filing status details by monthly and Quarterly

❖ GST Calculator Customization :

» Dark & Light theme :- New, Premium & Elegant themes
Helps the user to customize the mode according to the need.

❖ GST Calculator Compatibility :
» Android version : Android 10 & all previous versions.
» Device : All smart phones & tablets.

» GST Calculator
» GST Verification
» GST Filing status

Calculating GST transactions along with regular calculations has become easier using the GST Calculator Utility and it’s quite addictive.

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