Best Jobs for Freelancers 2023


Are you a student looking for ways to earn money online? Then you are at the right place. Being a student is a crucial phase of a person’s life and also the time when you are financially dependent on your parents. Today, with the advent of the internet, there are ample opportunities for students to make money online. Unlike the traditional methods of working part-time as a student, where you need to be physically present, now you can earn additional income from the comfort of your home online.

High-school and college-goers find themselves in a situation where physical internships at workplaces may still not be possible or ideal. They too have had to take to the Internet. For such homebound teens, here are a few ways to earn some income and gain valuable experience.

Become a Copywriter

Want to earn a great income no matter where you live—a house by the sea in Latin America, an historic European city or even on a Greek island? Copywriting could be ideal for you. According to International Living, “copywriting is a mega-industry, ripe with opportunity. And yearning for people who can fuel it with fresh marketing messages and one of the best benefits of the freelance copywriter’s lifestyle is that you can get paid in U.S. dollars…yet live virtually anywhere in the world.” Express Writers has tips on how to become a copywriter and is also a resource for jobs.

Create a Money-Making Blog

Do you have an area of expertise? Share your advice on a blog. If travel is your area of expertise, think about what you have to offer: Are you an expert in luxury travel or budget travel? Can you share advice about certain activities like hiking or shopping? “The more specific you get, the easier it’ll be to attract an engaged audience and to earn money with your site,” advises International Living. The sites Squarespace and Wix have tips on how to create blogs and can also host them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular and easiest ways to earn online as a student. Affiliate marketing means promoting products or services of different brands within your network and earning a commission whenever a purchase is made via your affiliate link.

No investment is required to start affiliate marketing. You should pick a niche of interest and sign up on an affiliate network like Ojas. Then begin sharing deals and offers of brands in your niche within your network. You will earn some commission whenever a purchase is made through your affiliate link. The commission you will gain will vary from brand to brand.

Taking Online Surveys

Online surveys are one of the quickest ways to earn money as a student. There are an ample number of legitimate survey companies or websites you can work with that want the user’s opinion on their product before pitching it to the client. You can earn up to Rs 400 on every survey you complete and even more if you come under the targeted audience.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the most suitable jobs for students. By joining online tutoring platforms, you can cater to many students and provide tutoring services in the subjects you are knowledgeable about. You can do this part-time without hampering your studies and earn some extra money easily.

Data Entry

Another way of earning money as a student is through data entry jobs. Data entry jobs offer flexibility which means they can be done simply from the comfort of your home. The only thing it requires is accuracy and some qualitative skills. You can look for data entry jobs on websites .

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