5 Miracle Foods for Healthy Skin

While the majority of the human population gets excited about growing older, most aren’t too happy to see the proof of aging in their skin. Unfortunately, your skin will usually tell your age before you get the chance to. So while there are people still searching for that fountain of youth, here’s another alternative – why not use the very things that we have access to now? What if you could go to the local market or your own backyard and find the answer to glowing skin? If you are what you eat, surely there’s a way to achieve a healthy complexion. Matter of fact, we know that there is! And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to go on a special treasure hunt to find them, as you can find most at your local farmer’s market.

If you’re ready to get back to that “baby-like” skin, here are a few “miracle foods” that can assist you and make you fall back in love with the skin you’re in!

5. Red Algae

Red Algae

Red Algae is probably not a common item on your grocery list. However, this superfood is known to make your skin glow and look flawless. It helps boost circulation, regulate blood sugar levels, and is packed with several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Although an ancient seaweed, it’s definitely alive and well today and keeping skin healthy and beautiful. And guess what? Some say it even tastes like bacon!

04. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds are no longer for simply spitting out. While most people only focus on the watermelon itself, there is some power packed in those tiny seeds. Each one contains several vitamins & minerals, including niacin, thiamine, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and more! All of these are known for bone strengthening, immunity balancing, brain-boosting and more, but each of those elements works better with the amino acid arginine. Yep, the seeds have it! And this helps promote blood circulation, which aids in the nourishment of skin cells. So next time, it’s ok to swallow the seed.

03. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is more powerful than you think! Yep, that’s right – CHOCOLATE! This sweet and delicious favorite of many tastes great; however, it also contains flavonoids. And while you may never remember that word, you can certainly appreciate its benefits. Flavonoids help you to fight off arterial and immune aging. So maybe a candy bar a day will keep the crow’s feet away.

02. Kiwi


Kiwi is often underestimated but its power is undeniable! This beautiful fruit, with its sweet and tangy flavor, carries first place for “Having More Vitamin C per ounce” than any other fruit. Although there’s a slightly furry texture on the outside, it packs all the juicy goodness on the inside and this juice contains the necessary vitamin C to help maintain the collagen in our skin. In essence, that keeps our skin durable and firm.

01. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are colorful and attractive! With a large amount of beta-carotene in them, they’re sure to protect your skin and defend it against too much sun exposure. Matter of fact, the beautiful hues work wonders on your complexion. So yes, a sweet potato a day keeps the bad skin away!

​Naturally, our skin takes a little over a month to see visible changes in replenishment. Old cells have to shed and the new ones have to emerge. But each item on this list of miracle foods is more than capable of bringing your skin back to its baby-like feel and complexion. So try them out! Start implementing a few, or all, of them into your daily meals. You’ll be surprised at how much younger and healthier your skin will look simply by you taking a trip to the local store.